1. How to list your business
2. How to edit your listing
3. How to resize a Photo

1. How to list your business

Step 1.

Register an account with the form below. You may also signup using your Facebook account by clicking on the Facebook icon on the bottom right. Once you’ve hit Register you will need to check your email and follow the steps provided.

Register an Account
Password Strength
Answer: 7 + 3

Step 2.

Now Login and navigate to the Directory Dashboard. You should see an Add Listing button.

Step 3.

Select you’re preferred payment method and click next step.


Step 4.

This is where we setup your Business Listing. Enter all relevant information including the required fields marked with a red Asterisk.



The last step of setting up your listing is the Photo’s. Clicking on the Choose Files will open a file browser so you may select your photo’s.

Images can be no larger than 5mb in size. Please read the “How to resize a Photo” for information on resizing images that are too large.

The top most image will be featured on the Front of your Listing. You may remove an image by clicking the check-box on the left side of it’s thumbnail. If you click and drag you can re-arrange the order.

step3bWhen you are happy with your photo’s click the Next Step button.

Step 5.

Now you must finalize the payment. Simply follow the onscreen prompts to complete your order.

Bank deposit customers will be provided with the necessary details and credit/debit users will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.

When payment is received and the listing approved it will be added to the directory.

2. How to edit your listing

Go to and Look on your right hand side. Click the Login option. edit-instructions

Login with the details you used when you first set up your account. You should be redirected to the Directory Dashboard. If not you can click the Directory Dashboard link on the top right hand side of the screen.

Now find your listing and click the small edit icon beside it.


You will now be able to make any required changes. When you are happy with the listing hit the SAVE CHANGES button on the bottom of the page.